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Elephant Bull




Shoulder height:  10-13 feet (300-400 cm)

Shoulder height:  8-11 feet (240-340 cm)

Weight:  5,000-8,000 pounds (2,200-3,500 kg)

Max age: 50 years is considered as old in the wild



Shoulder height:  5-1/2 to 9 feet (170-280 cm)

Shoulder height:  5-8 feet (160-240 cm)

Weight:  2,000-6,500 pounds (900-3,000 kg)



Elephants can be found throughout Africa from South of the Sahara to Northern Namibia, Northern Botswana and South Africa. The forest Elephant habitat is the rainforest of Western and Central Africa.  Elephants are adapted to different eco systems from the subdesserts to the rainforests of the continent. While in some areas Elephants are heavily threatened by Ivory Poachers in other regions Elephant numbers have to be managed in order to control overpopulation and area destruction. In these cases hunting permits are issued by park and wildlife authorities to generate funds for conservation.



Elephants live in herds (mothers, daughters, sisters). Young and mid aged bulls are often found in groups while old bulls are usually found alone.

Rain season is usually breeding season even so breeding can also take place year round.

After a gestation period of 22 months usually one calf is born.  Cows are sexually mature at the age of 14 and can bear 4 to 5 calves.

Adult males can feed up to 170kg per day (leaves, twigs, bark, roots, fruit, grass and crops). This makes them destructive feeders, which is very detrimental to their habitat.

Elephant ears help to radiate the animal's body heat and keep these large animals cool. Elephants are fond of water sources, which forces them to travel during the dry season.



Elephants have a good sense of smell and hear very well. Their eyesight is poor. Their normal pace is a fast walk but they can run swiftly for a short distance and are capable of moving silently through the thickest cover.

Elephant hunting is tough and can consider endless hours of scouting for tracks. Once a mature elephant track is found worth following it is up to the Trackers, PH and the hunters physical condition to catch up with the Elephant. Having a closer look at the Elephant to determine if it is the sought after mature bull is inevitable for a successful hunt. The slightest change of wind can bust the stalk and alert the Elephant what makes them run for miles impossible to follow or either makes them charge in some situations.

Elephant are usually hunted at short distances in thick bush. We highly recommend calibers from 416. upwards and quality solid bullets.

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