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Hunting in remote and unspoiled African


Tanzania stands for one of the last frontiers when it comes to hunting the “Dark Continent”. Discover wild Africa the way it was 100 years ago on a classic Big Game Safari.


Named after the Englishman Sir Frederick Selous, a famous big game hunter and early conservationist, the Selous Game Reserve was designated UNESCO World Heritage Site 1982 due to the diversity of its wildlife and undisturbed nature. With over 21.000 square miles of stunning and diverse flora and fauna, the Selous is one of the largest faunal reserves in the world. While there are many habitat types, the deciduous miombo woodlands dominate. Most typical animals of savanna areas are found here in greater numbers than in any other park or reserve in Africa. These include Elephants, Hippo, Cape Buffalo, Leopard and Crocodiles. The Concession we hunt is combining 4 prime hunting blocks that are bordering each other providing hunting ground of 444.500 hectares (1.720 square miles / 4.445 square kilometers). The classification as Game Reserve makes sure that nobody besides the Clients, the Professional Hunters, Anti Poaching Patrols and Camp Staff are allowed to enter these unique hunting grounds.

While the Selous offers most of the East African Plains game, we also organize and guide hunts for the Western Tanzania and Massai Land Plains Game Species.


Our Camps are reachable by bush plane located deep in the bush overlooking the lakes and rivers.  The Camps offer the client a close to nature experience without any lack of comfort. Luxury Safari tents with en-suite bathrooms, hot shower and toilet, Professional Chefs and Camp Staff take care of each individual for a fantastic stay.  Satellite Phones and Satellite W-Lan is available for all our guests.


The Selous offers hunting possibilities for all Big Four species alongside a variety of East African Plains Game. Leopard hunting under good light conditions, Buffalo Herds counting hundreds, Hippo hunting on land, huge lakes and rivers with plenty of Crocodiles and wild Lions are the reason for the true sportsman to walk the extra mile and hunt this unique piece of Africa. We offer classic 7, 10, 12, 14 and 21 Days Safaris with the possibilities to hunt all Big Four species the classic way out of one camp.



Hunting season starts on July 1st  and ends December 31st.

Flexible Big Five Safaris
and unlimited
Plainsgame hunting possibilities

South Africa
South Africa

South Africa is one of the last countries in the world where it is still possible to hunt all of the Big Five species including Black and White Rhino. Excellent wild game populations due to extensive nature conservation programs and game management guarantee abundance of Wildlife.



Our first class Safaris take place at private free range Kruger National Park Concessions and selected private Game Reserves with up to 40.000ha in size.



South Africa offers exclusive 5-Star Lodges with exquisite cuisine. Good infrastructure and a vast variety of tourist attractions are available that can be combined with each Safari. Most Lodges can be reached by comfortable road transfer from the main airports even so Air Charters can save time and take the hustle out of changing hunting areas during safaris.



With over 50 different Plains Game Species available the country is indeed considered as a true Plains Game Hunter`s paradise.

South Africa also offers excellent fair chase hunting possibilities for Dangerous Game. Besides Elephant, Hippo, huge maned Lions, Buffaloes and Crocodiles South Africa is the main country for the enthusiast Big Game hunter that wants to complete his Big Five in search for a Rhino hunt.



Trophy hunting legal throughout the year, because of hot summers and thicker vegetation most hunting is conducted between March and October, with June, July and August being the most popular months.

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