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Shoulder height: 55-60 inches (140-152 cm)

Weight: 3,000-6,000 pounds (1,350-2,700 kg)

Max age: up to 40 years



The Hippo was once found in all countries south of the Sahara but has been exterminated in some areas due to heavy meat poaching,  while in other countries with more protection from Eastern Africa to South Africa they are abundant. Hippos need deep water, low banks and grasslands to feed.



Hippos live in big herds of females and young.  Older males are often by themselves.

Males are heavy fighters for control of herds, territory and females using their teeth as deadly weapons. Beside seasonal peaks Hippos breed year round. After 8 months cows usually get one calf. Hippos can stay under water for 3-4 minutes and leave the water at night to graze up to 60kg per mature animal.



The Hippo’s eyesight is average but they can hear and smell very good. Only mature bulls are hunted. They can run extremely fast and due to their territorial aggressive behavior Hippos cause various death related accidents every year on the continent and can charge without being threatened. Depending on the area hippos are hunted by stalking on land or using canoes in the water. We highly recommend calibers from 416. upwards and quality solid bullets for this thick skinned animal.


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