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The entire content of the web site, including texts, graphics, photos, pictures is the property of International Hunting & Sporting Inc.. Copyright and other rights protect all elements of the web site, including the companies logo, its general design and content. Unless otherwise stipulated on the web site, the reproduction, editing, translation, storage and processing of the CONTENT is not permitted.


With direct or indirect links to third-party internet pages that lie outside the area of responsibility of International Hunting & Sporting Inc. a liability obligation shall only come into effect in the event that International Hunting & Sporting Inc. has knowledge of the content and that it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent use in the case of unlawful content. International Hunting & Sporting Inc. therefore explicitly states that at the time of setting the links the corresponding linked pages were free of illegal content. International Hunting & Sporting Inc. has no influence over the current and future design and on the content of the linked/associated pages. Consequently, International Hunting & Sporting Inc. hereby explicitly distances itself from all content of all linked/associated pages that has been changed since the link was set. This statement applies for all links and references set within the companies own Internet pages.


Be advised that there may be products presented as to which the sale, possession, or transport there of may be restricted, prohibited or subject to special license requirements.


Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice. Also we cannot take responsibility for typos and spelling errors.

Terms of Business and Liability

Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the daily rate total. Likewise, dates offered for any safari are not held without receipt of a deposit. The balance of the safari cost is payable 60 days prior to the commencement of the safari.

Trophy fees and all Government Royalties charged will be those applicable to the year the safari is taken regardless of what is quoted on the initial contract.

Trophies will only be shipped after full trophy payment has been received.

A deposit on trophy fees is required to be received prior to the safari starting date. Any unused balance is refundable to the client.

Although every possible care is taken to safeguard you and your property, the company accepts no responsibility for any accident, injury, or illness incurred during or arising from any safari, or loss to client's property during the safari. We make no guarantee of animals to be hunted, nor accept any responsibility for weather conditions affecting the safari or delays arising from accidental breakage or damage to vehicles or equipment.


Before embarking on your safari, we strongly recommend that you obtain the following types of insurance: Accidental death and disability; Medical; Loss of personal effects; Emergency evacuation; Safari cancellation.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are refunded only if cancellation is received in writing at least nine months prior to the scheduled starting date, less any costs the company may have incurred.

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