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packing list


Please check back with us regarding the region and season when you are going to hunt.


Africa does not automatically mean that it is going to be warm or hot all day!


A daily laundry service is available at most of our Lodges and Camps so it is not necessary to bring big quantity of clothing.Spare clothes are still recommended, since cloudy days can delay garment drying times and also days where areas are changed during a safari can make a laundry service impossible.



Safari Packing List:


- 3 x Shirts
  Long and/or short sleeve, depending on personal preference. Keep in mind that long sleeve can protect from sun and mosquitoes.


- 3x Pants
  Long or short. Depending on personal preference. Keep in mind that long sleeve can protect from sun and mosquitoes.


- 1x Hat or Cap (the most necessary protection from the sun)


- 1x Set of Thermal Underwear
  Thermal Underwear is perfect for layering for cold mornings and does not require much packing space.


- 2x Safari Boots
  We recommend Courtney Boots. The Boots should be well broken in, lightweight and ankle high. Second pairs are recommended in case one
  pair breaks or get wet


- 1x Light Shoes for evenings in the camp and around the campfire


- 1x Sandals/Slippers for use in the lodge and to get up at night


- 4x Socks


- 1x Sweater


- 1x Rain Jacket


- 1x Warm Jacket


- 4x Underwear


- 1x Daypack to carry personal items during the day


- Sunscreen, Lip balm, Sunglasses


- If prescription eyeglasses are needed we recommend to bring spare glasses in case they break or get lost


- Gloves
  Leather gloves can be comfortable during cold mornings & afternoons and can be also used to protect hands from thorns


- Insect Repellent



- Toiletry Travel Bag


- First Aid Kit  
  All our camps and vehicles carry first aid kits covering the most common scenarios. Even so we recommend to bring a personal selection of
  medical prescriptions, antihistamines, Ibuprofen, Aspirin , anti-diarrheal, Blister Kit, Anti-Malaria drugs etc.


- Flashlights and Batteries


- 1x Belt and Ammunition pouch, Leatherman or Knife


- 1x Binoculars


- 1x Still Camera, extra Batteries, chargers, SD cards


- Firearms & Ammunition: please contact us personally to discuss the best options.


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